06 April, 2012

Road Survival Skills

You might have attended some kind of road survival skills workshop previously especially if you are one of Toyota customers. I would like to recommend Toyota for organizing such kind of workshops regularly. I had attended the workshop recently since it was organized in Kuching. The name of the worksop is "Road Survival Skills" because the workshop will highlight to the participants the do's and don't when accidents happen. Among the several things that I learnt from the worksop is the importance of your car jack when trying to help people in emergency. I guess you need attend one of the workshops if you wanted to know more. Another lesson that I learnt is the need to carry basic items in your car in case of emergency. 

Firstly, you should be aware about the steps that need to be taken after a minor accident and how to make a police report.

These are the 10 items you should always carry in your car. I already have some of the items but not all yet. For example, I already have the LifeHammer since it is one of the door gifts given after attending the workshop recently. You also need to have disposable poncho since it can be used to cover yourself during heavy rain and also to cover the interior of your car in case of emergency.

This is the characteristics of the multi function Life Hammer that you need to carry in your car. It can be used to cut stuck seat belt and to break window glasses when needed. It also has LED blinking beacon for emergency situation.

Another important item that you may need to carry with you is ReSQMe gadget. It is very handy and you can use it as your keychain. The gadget can be used to cut stuck seat belt and also to break window glass during emergency.

Another item that you need to cary is fire extinguisher. For vehicle, the 1 kg fire extinguisher is ideal since it is not bulky and easy to carry. Nowadays, we heard a lot of news about vehicle caught fire. It only take a few seconds for the occupants of the vehicle to evacuate once the vehicle is caught on fire. Also, the fire extinguisher can be used to prevent further damage to the vehicle once the fire is detected. Hopefully, we will never encounter such an emergency situation by carefully not to play around the vehicle wiring system. But in case that you need to help somebody else in such an emergency situation, you are always prepared.

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