07 April, 2012

Makeshifts for Pesta Benak

Every year during Pesta Benak, visitors from afar will build their makeshifts as a shelter from rain and shine throughout the festival. They are very skillful in constructing the makeshifts. Within a short period of time, they are able to set up the makeshift and ready to be used as a shelter. They are also very responsible to clean up the area right after the festival is over.

Pesta benak 2012

The makeshifts are very essential for Pesta Benak because the number of hotel rooms available in Sri Aman cannot cater for the influx of visitors during the Pesta Benak. Thus, the makeshifts are synonym with Pesta Benak. As far as I could remember, the tradition of building the makeshifts during Pesta Benak has been established since the Pesta Benak was introduced many-many years ago.
Pesta benak 2012

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