20 January, 2008

Swiss Chronoforce

swissCronoforce 007
Originally uploaded by wanhashim

The image is not very sharp since it was taken using Canon Digital IXUS 500 at a very close up range. If anybody out there knows how to take a sharp picture using compact digital camera your comment is greatly appreciated.

The specification for the watch is as follows:

Water Resistant: 10 ATM
All Stainless Steel
Swiss Made
Include three small dials for stopwatch: minutes, seconds
Bought in Kuching





My Day..My..Life.. said...

i also bought one Swiss CHRONOFORCE the skrin is white color. thought nak beli swiss army but mahal sangat my be soon. i just want to know where to get a manual about this watch. since dlm box tak ader manual hope u can reply to me soon

Wan Hashim said...

Mine also didn't come with the manual. But it is quite easy to operate though. I thought that Swiss Army is much cheaper than the watch, correct me if I am wrong

My Day..My..Life.. said...

swiss army quite xpensive. the cheaper is RM8++.00 if i not mistaken. Swiss CHRONOFORCE quite okey.. dont worry.. i already check with a few people..but Swiss Army is the latest and a lot of function the design a bit simple. but is depand on design and purpose.. cume Swiss CHRONOFORCE look more sporty for me..and not match with my baju kurung beside not suitable for work.. huhuuhuhuuu..

yusop said...

I bought this watch last month...i like it tough design...rugged...some how it is rather heavy and too thick...I still love the design...