19 May, 2008

Durian Tree

Durian Tree and a hut. Durian is a type of fruit available in the Southeast Asian countries. The fruits taste delicious but with pungent smell. Some people cannot tolerate the smell especially westerners. That's why you will find this sign "No Durian Allowed" almost available in all hotels' lift throughout Malaysia.

Durian tree is very sensitive to weather. In order to produce a lot of durian fruits, a good combination of weather is required. A dry season is needed in order for the trees to undergo stress, a process when the bark cracks, allowing green buds to emerge. It is important for the tree to undergo stress during its fertile period, which is when it produce hormones.

Excessive rain during the supposedly dry season resulted in many trees not flowering. Not enough rain or too much rain is detrimental to the production of durian.

For me, durian is the most delicious fruit around.

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