28 May, 2008

Poor Customer Service

I have been thinking of opening a new bank account at one of the bank branches for some time due to the proximity of the bank to our house. But due to some kind of poor customer service such as what have I listed below, I have not being able to fulfill my wish to open the new account. I will continue to visit other banks which also located within the vicinity to do my banking.

However, today I forced myself to endure the gruelling process of opening the new bank account and I would like to share with you why the not so nice experienced happen. I would rather not to reveal the name of the bank and the particular branch of the bank. But if you ever encounter the same experiences, you will know which bank that I am talking about. Similarly, the type of factors that cause the customer service to deteriorate is just common sense and you are welcome to add more to the list by commenting to this blog.

Here are the several typical reasons why I have to postpone my wish to open the new bank account (Hopefully the bank managers of that particular bank can use them for improving their customer service):

1. Waiting time to get your service is too long and unacceptable because the number of operational desk counters is not many (only one or two counters are operational at any one time). Most of the other counters are decorated with the words "Counter Closed".

2. Service time for each counter is very long because they serviced everything that the customers requested from the time consuming process of opening a new account to the simple mundane task of updating a passbook. I am one of those that contribute to the long process because I wanted to open my new bank account and believe me it took too long for them to process and it affects other people in the queue. This problem can be avoided by providing a customer relation officers at the front desk to let the customers fill in all of the details without having to join others in the queue because the number of customers that wanted to open their accounts are not that many but each one of them takes too much of the time from the counter service.

3. Most of the customers also have to wait long in the queue just to perform a simple task of depositing a check or just to update their passbook. The issue of check depositing or cash depositing can be overcome by providing an automatic check depositing machine and cash depositing machine so that those who just wanted to deposit their check just can do it 24 hours a day by using the machines and without having to queue up for several hours just to perform the simple task.

4. Have to wait in line for your turn because there is no numbered queuing system. In order to ensure that you will get your turn, no matter how long is the queue you have to stand behind the queue faithfully waiting for your turn. By using the numbered queueing system will enable anybody to perform other tasks while waiting for their turn.

Those are the reasons that I can think of why I have to postpone my wish to open a new account until the moment where I cannot resist the need to open a new account and have to endure the agonizing pain of waiting in the queue for too long and wasting my valuable time. If you have some other reasons that can help the particular bank manager to improve the customer service, please feel free to add more to the list by commenting to this posting.

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