03 May, 2008

Several Ways of Saving Fuel

Due to the rising oil price, an increasing number of motorists resort to several ways of utilizing every last mile from a tank of fuel. The most current method is called ‘hypermiling,' which is reported to be able to double gas mileage.

Hypermiling consists of pumping up tires to the maximum rating on their sidewalls, using low viscosity engine oil, and drafting behind other vehicles on the highway to reduce aerodynamic drag. The last method is very controversial method because its involved safety issues and can lead to highway accidents. Other type of hypermiling techniques are keeping speed down, accelerating gently, and avoiding excessive idling.

Throughout the world, ever increasing fuel prices create uncertainties in people’s mind especially in term of economical concern. Their dollars are being stretched to cover the same mileage as before. Fuel prices topped the problems followed by jobs availability and healthcare.
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