18 May, 2008

Ferry Service

There are two alternatives route to go to coastal areas such as Asajaya, Sadong Jaya, Sebuyau, Etc. One alternative is using the route from Kota Semarahan to Asajaya using ferry services. Most travellers prefer to use this route since it is much shorter route. The ferry services are carried out using two ferries running concurrently between the two sides of the Samarahan River.

One of the two ferry carrying vehicles from one side to the other side of the river.

View of the Samarahan River.

Another ferry carrying passenger and vehicles going to the other side tof the river.

View of the ferry deck where the captain take control of the ferry.

View from onboard of the ferry.

One of the ferry approaching the side of the river.

The use of the ferry services comes with a fee. For passenger car, you have to pay RM1.00 per usage and I think is is very cheap as compared to burning fuels by using the alternative route. Besides, the fee, during peak period, one has to wait in the queue sometimes can be more than 20 minutes if the traffic is very heavy. However, due to the size of the ferry which can carry more than 30 passenger cars, the waiting time is reduced significantly.

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