05 January, 2010

Parking Woes

Looking for a parking space in central business district can be such a daunting task. Due to the unavailability of parking spaces, drivers usually have to do the following attempt:

  1. Double Park: Vehicle is parked behind the parked vehicles
  2. Triple Park: Vehicle is parked besides the double parked vehicle
  3. Park at the place where it is illegal to park
All of the above maneuvers will agitate the vehicles that are being blocked and cause fighting and damaging the respective vehicles. As reported in the news, cops in Shah Alam are in all out war on illegal parking. The doubled and tripled parked cars cause fighting among the vehicle owners.

Another article in the news also indicates similar grouses from road users about parking woes.

Why such incidences happen in the first place? The parking woes happened, most of the time, due to inadequate number of available parking spaces.  Due to the trips generated at such places, the number of parking spaces is always an issue causing drivers to circulate endlessly around the area just to find a parking space. Another cause of such incidents is the drivers' behavior. The drivers who do the double or triple parked can be categorized as inconsiderate to others.

I think it is time for the relevant authorities to put an end to all of the parking woes affecting all kind of road users throughout the country.

The picture below is an example of vehicles being parked alongside a stretch of road.


An example of a taxi parked under the no parking signage may be due to the fact that there is just no extra parking space for the driver to park his vehicle.

In case that you cannot find a decent parking space available, you may end up parking your car as in the following picture.


Another way of utilizing the available areas to park your vehicle since there isn't any free parking spaces at the locality.
4 by 4 Pick-Up Trucks

The following is the usual scene at the famous Gambier Street where vehicles are parked on the road side. Most of the time, the vehicles are double or triple parked.


-axto eighty8- said...

In my opinion,to overcome this problem, Sarawak residence (especially in Kuching) will buy 4wheels drive car.
So that, they can park anywhere... :P

Wan Hashim said...

4 X 4 utility vehicles are necessary for Sarawak. Not only for parking purposes but to easily traverse its interior road system.