08 January, 2010

Road Accident

Minor Accident

One of your reasons to buy an expensive car is because of its credential safety features. Usually, most expensive luxury cars are equipped with state-of-the-Art gadgets that will keep the car occupants safe during crashes.

However, a late night out to celebrate the New Year Eve turned tragic when a Toyota Camry carrying five family members crashes with a Mercedes-Benz and crashed into a signboard pillar on the New Klang Valley Expressway.

It seemed that the luxury car cannot protect the car occupants from fatality once the car crashes into the fixed objects located besides the road.

The moral of the story is that, no matter what kind of cars that you drive, please drive carefully and obey the traffic rules.

Also, the local authority should have considered designing a more forgiving highways by ensuring that there are no fixed objects being installed along sides all highways in Malaysia. If there are fixed objects such as the signboard pillar, the authority should cover the signpost using crash cushions to reduce the likelihood of fatal accident from happening.

For further story of the tragic event, read HERE.


-axto eighty8- said...

In your opinion, what the main cause of the accident by Sani Express last few weeks? Is it cause by the unstable of the vehicle (double decker bus express) or the sleepy driver? I strongly didn't believe the bus accident and killed, caused by the driver...

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

A sad story - the road toll claims hundreds of lives each year. Removing signs or placing soft cushions around them doesn't solve the problem. Drivers need to slow down, ad take greater care on the roads.

Alas, you could be a very good driver, but there's always an idiot on the road somewhere.
Better education and stiffer fines and penalties plus loss of licence could be helpful not just in your country, but others as well.

Melbourne Daily Photo

Wan Hashim said...

Alexis: The Double Decker bus accidents based on the news report were said to be the fault of the driver who were said to be sleeping behind the wheel. At the time of the accident the bus were driven below the speed limit.

BlossomFlowerGirl: I agree with you that there seemed to be no end to this vicious cycle since no matter how carefull you are driving on the road, there seemed to be somebody as you mentioned that are careless drivers which might cause the accident in the first place.

Tucson Injury said...

I believe drivers should be responsible enough when on the road. That includes cyclists and pedestrians alike since we all share the road. If this could be possible, road accidents would dramatically reduce.