02 January, 2010

Where is the Taxi Station?

The following picture is used to be the taxi station in Kuching. Most of the taxi drivers are waiting anxiously for their customers. Their customers, no matter local or tourists, know where to find them.

Another view of the historical taxi station in Kuching.


Another view of the historical taxi station in Kuching.


The following picture is what the place looks like now. The taxi station had made ways for the new development surrounding the area. I am not sure where all of the taxis are located since there is not even a single information indicating their temporary place. What about tourists looking for taxi service? The tourists may have to use "kereta sewa", an alternative to taxi service or they have to use the Kuching Bus service.

The relevant authority should have provide some kind of notice near the vicinity to inform the public about the new location of the taxi station. Also, the relevant authority should have provide a better taxi station.


1 comment:

markonav said...

Btol tu Dr. The authority ptt sediakan a better taxi station. for the 1st time i was there, sy quite difficult & confuse nk dapatkan taxi di kuching..