03 January, 2010

Same Things Every Time of the Year

For those who have children going to schools, this time of the year they will have to send their children to register for the new academic session.

As shown in the picture below, all of the parents seemed to send their children by car including myself. Due to the inadequate number of parking places within the school compound, most vehicles were parked alongside the main road. Luckily, the school registration exercise is on Saturday and not many vehicles are on the road. Otherwise, if the registration process is being carried out during normal weekdays, then severe traffic congestion will occur due to the extraordinary number of vehicles converging at the school.

Another view of the vehicles parked alongside the roads near the school.


The only road leading to school is being parked on both sides of the road create bottleneck for incoming and outgoing vehicles. Some parents that had send their children wanted to drive out of the school compound whereas other parents just wanted to drop their children at the school entrance causing a lot of traffic havoc at the vicinity. Well, it happens only once in a year that is during this time of the year.


The registration process is on going where parents will have to fork out some money for all kinds of fees which is beneficial for the children.


Several other parents are busy helping their children counting books which are provided on loan basis by the school.


Several other parents even help their children register each book into the form provided.


Several other parents help their children asking anything to the teachers in charge.


Several other parents and students just don't know what else to do next and waiting for the next instruction from the teachers.

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