30 April, 2010

Women Only Coach

Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) commuter has initiated a separate coach for women only for its Sentul-Port Klang route, according to this news article.

One of the coaches, located in the middle of the train commuter train, is converted to be used exclusively for women or any children below twelves years old. The coach has pink “women-only” stickers placed on the windows.

As usual, any new initiatives has come up with criticism from certain sectors as the initiatives causes several advantages and also disadvantages to the users.

One clear advantages is that the privacy of women using the coach is protected by all means. They will feel much safer and more comfortable travelling by train.

The disadvantages is that, the accompanying person will not be able to travel together using the commuter train. But, if they need to travel together, they can use the regular coach for that matter.

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