15 July, 2010

Beautiful Bintulu's Water Front

Recently, I had an opportunity to visit Bintulu, a fourth largest town in Sarawak. Bintulu is a major industrial area which is located about 650 kilometers from Kuching and about 215 kilometers from Miri.

Bintulu has one of the longest water front along its river as well as its sea front.

View of the Bintulu's water front. Several anglers waited patiently for their baits to get fruitful results. After spending some time along the area, it seemed very difficult to get any fish along the area.

Another view of the water front facing toward the river.

View of the water front facing toward the open South China Sea.

A lonely fishing rod waiting for its reward.

Another role of the water front is as a flood mitigation measure.

The water front is an ideal place for recreational activities such as jogging or brisk walking.

For those who are really adventurous, they can try paragliding at the water front area.

Sunset at the Bintulu's water front area.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wan Hashim, wow! Love your pics.....very well taken and love the colours.
Gosh! Bintulu sure has changed as I don't remember the waterfront as what I'm seeing in your pics....anyway last there wayyyyyy back early '80s.
But did not spend much time....more at KK, Kuching.
But I sure love Sarawak.
By the way, noticed you changed your Blog now....and you no longer in Trengganu?
I have always loved Sarawak, did think of retiring there one time, but wife knowing of my past adventures with crocodiles, and my love of fishing put her foot down.....

But she forgot our Canadian Kodiak and Grizzly bears can be real mean too. Oh well....
You have fun....and jaga tu bunga Roses where you are, ha ha. Lee.

Wan Hashim said...

Hi Uncle Lee, Thank You very much for your compliments on the pictures. Bintulu has changed a lot as compared to several years ago. The water front was completed recently and it is amazing. I understand why your wife is still afraid of crocodile as compared to Canadian Kodiak and Grizzly because Buaya Sarawak is really mean. However, I think all of them can be easily tamed by you, Uncle Lee. Please, come visit Sarawak again, it is really a nice place. Thank you for noticing the changes in my blog design. I am using a new template now. Make sure you have fun, Uncle Lee and take care.