17 July, 2010

Hornbill Skyways Private Jet

Recently, while transiting at Miri Airport, I had an opportunity to snap pictures of a private plane owned by Hornbill Skyways parked at the airport taxiway. The plane is obviously waiting to depart to certain destination and the plane is waiting for some dignitaries to board the plane. Beside dignitaries, such a private plane is frequently used by businessman for their business dealing. You can visit this blog if you wanted to know the experiences of using the private plane and how much it cost to use the plane inclusive of the in flight services.

Travelling using the private plane seemed to be hassle free and you can depart and arrive at your own convenience. As of now, I could only afford to snap pictures of the private plane and see it from afar.

View of the private Jet from the front. Since the private jet is small in size, just wondering why the jet needs to have two jet engines. From my wild guesses, it might be due to aesthetic reason (because symmetric is always associated with beauty) or due to safety reason (if one engine fail then there is always that extra engine on stand by).

Majestic view of the private plane sitting on the tarmac.


Ocean Girl said...

It is elegant.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Wan Hashim, wow! You sure take great pictures. Others take pictures, but create pictures, and yours tells more than 2 pages.
Thats a beautiful plane....I'm guessing its a Gulfstream jet.
And you're right, as time is money, big Corporations today use private planes, but they sure don't come cheap, to fly and operate.

Terima kaseh for your kind gesture re my returning to Sarawak one of these days. I certainly will as have always loved Sarawak, its peoples its various cultures. Not to mention the ahemmm, pretty women too.

For some reason or other, Sarawak sure has its fair share of exotic maidens, ha ha.
By the way, I still have my film Nikon SLR F-601, with a portrait lens of 35mm-135mm, suda 12 years old, still takes good pics. And for back-up, I use my trusty Yashica Electro 35 film camera with a 50mm lens.

Used to take scenery, sunsets, but after few years da jelak, ha ha...so I graduated to portrait photography, and ahemm, your guess is right....I make women beautiful with my camera.

You have fun and simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

Wan Hashim said...

Ocean Girl: The plane is really amazing and good looking. I think the interior of the plane must be filled with luxurious fitting.

Uncle Lee: Thanks again for your complimentary comments.I really salute you for taking great pictures using film SLR. Sorry to say that I never like to use film camera because of my poor picture taking ability. Only now using DSLR or point and shoot digital camera. Don't forget to bring along your cameras when you visit Sarawak one of these days. Sure there are a lot of beautiful things you can capture using your film camera her in Sarawak. Have a nice day, Uncle Lee.

Aishah said...

Assalamualaikum, this is actually just me again in a new shape and form. Hoping to start a new beginning. Come visit sometime.

Maco said...

Private Jet give a good comfort and the travel would be splendid

Anonymous said...

This aircraft owned my Sarawak's Chief Minister. It is very powerful because of that 2 jet engines which allow it to fly to foreign countries without any stop. However this aircraft has been sold.

Viza Jet said...

That's a beautiful private jet.