24 July, 2010


Earthquake in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, China

There are two major earthquakes occurring today, one in the Philippines and another one in Sumatra. Some of my friends living in high rise building in Kuala Lumpur felt sort of dizzy due to the tremors from the Sumatran earthquake. According to news report, there are no threat of tsunamis surrounding the affected areas.


Aishah said...

There is also that warning of bad sea conditions in the Phuket area that may come down to our waters.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wan Hashim, I too first time experienced my first earthquake few weeks back, and of all places, Toronto!
Sure gave me a fright too.....real scary when seeing the walls move, feet vibrating. Anyway hope nobody hurt those two countries. Lee.

Wan Hashim said...

Hi Uncle Lee, lucky that nothing serious happened due to earthquake in Toronto. So far there seems to be no further news regarding the aftermath of the earthquake in the two regions. Hopefully, everthing went well in both affected places. Take care Uncle Lee.

Wan Hashim said...

Hi Aishah, the weather seems to be quite erratic for the past few days. Hope our fishermen are well prepared for the adverse weather conditions.