27 July, 2010

Rapidpass Flexi

A New Eight Couches of the Putra LRT.

Malaysia really needs to have an integrated transportation system in order to provide efficient services to users. Congratulation to RapidKL for its initiative to introduce a new ticketing system namely Rapidpass Flexi. The new ticketing system was introduced on 1st June 2010.

In order to use the system one needs to have a Touch and Go card. The Touch and Go cards are available at most of the LRT stations. Rapidpass Flexi can be loaded to the Touch and Go card. Rapidpass Flexi can be used specifically for RapidKL buses, LRT as well as monorail. Users can also purchase an integrated Rapidpass which can be used for all three mode of transport (RapidKL buses, LRT and Monorail). Users can purchase the Rapidpass Flexi based on number of days such as one, three, seven, 15 or 30 days. The rapidpass can be purchased from customer service counters at LRT stations. For more information, please refer to this web site http://www.rapidkl.com.my/.

Personally, I really like the ticketing system because of its convenience to the users. However, RapidKL still needs to improve the reliability and timing of their bus services in order to attract more users to use the services.

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Anonymous said...

The idea is good but not the implementation. This is another good example of "indah khabar dari rupa". This company doesn't seem to understand her problems and trying hard to resolve them. Instead, the problem of inconsistent and unreliable bus services remained unresolved for years. I am not demanding on perfectism. What I want is the professionalism and empathy. Please at least try your best if you can't do your best.