04 January, 2011

Funfair is Back in Town

Fun Fair

This funfair is back in town and it seemed that the funfair operates at the designated spot several times in a year. The funfair is a small travelling show consists of several stalls and amusements. This funfair will only stay at a particular location only for certain period of time and then they will move on to other locations after that.

Above is one of the amusements available at the funfair and the workers were seen unpacking the set.

Surprisingly, this type of business is still thriving nowadays despite the availability of TV shows, Astros, Facebooking etc. This shows that the funfair is still relevant nowadays despite the stiff competition with other types of amusements available to the public.

Of course the funfair is not a match of Genting Highland's fairground or Sunway Lagoon.

Well, that is how certain quarters make their living.

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