28 January, 2011

Train Systems Can be Made More Efficient and Effective

20070312 Hong Kong 11 098

Hong Kong has an extensive MRT Network. Users are using Octopus card for cashless travelling. The card utilizes an integrated payment system and usually given at discounted price.

There are about 4.5 million commuters using the MRT during weekdays.
The main characteristic of Hong Kong MRT system is to have 99% efficiency level in train punctuality. Since the system started operation in the 80's, the MRT system never experience extensive delay and at most only 5 minutes delay due to unaccountable reason.

The operators of the system will disseminate or broadcast alternative routes to users in case of train disruption which most unlikely to happen.

The MRT system in Hong Kong is far from reaching its equilibrium where they are planning to extend the MRT network further to cover more areas throughout the city.

Hopefully, the operators of Malaysian transportation system can emulate the efficiency and effectiveness of the Hong Kong's MRT system.

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