09 January, 2011

Stuck in A Traffic Jam: Get a Motorbike and a Substitute Driver for Your Car

Traffic Jam
Imagine that you are driving your car to go to an airport to catch a flight and yet you are stuck in a traffic jam which surely causes you to miss the flight.

Similarly, if you are heading for an urgent business meeting but you are stuck in traffic jam.

It would be a wish for you to have someone to help you to get to the airport faster so that you will not miss the flight. However, if that someone can fetch you to the airport faster, what about your car which is still stuck in the traffic jam.

In Beijing, where drivers can get stuck in a traffic jam for hours or even days during an epic traffic jam, the services are really blooming. Just by contacting an agency using your handphone, someone will substitute you as the driver of the car while you are being whisked away using a motorcycle to the desired destination.

Enterprising locals see the opportunities to do business to help people to escape the traffic jam with a price.

I supposed that the business is really genuine since it will be very difficult to let some other people to drive your car and not to worry about your car being stolen or getting vandalized somewhere.

We are still fortunate in Malaysia since there will never be an incident to have that kind of epic traffic jam that can go on for several days. The traffic jam that we encountered usually can be cleared within several hours and usually travellers will adjust their timing by getting to the airport much earlier in order to avoid from missing flight.

Read HERE for some of the measures used in Beijing to reduce traffic jam in the cities.

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