19 June, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy fathers day to all dads. I think most dad espected something for them besides being wished only happy dads day. Here are some suggestion that most dads are more than happy during this fathers day.

Why not buy him Tucano's Ipad softskin sleeve to protect his precious Ipad. Of course, you should also give him an Ipad if he doesn't have one yet. I think most of them still don't have any yet.

Tucano's Ipad Sleeve

Fine features of the Tucano's Ipad sleeve.
Tucano's Ipad Sleeve

Dads will be more than happy if you also buy him this wireless portable broadband which cost around RM400. With this wireless broadband, all of his gadgets such as Ipad, cell phone and notebook can use only one broadband account to connect to the world.
Wireless Mobile Broadband

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