04 June, 2011

Opticians Vs. Optometrists

Today I learned something new regarding the differences between Opticians and Optometrists. One big difference is Optometrists can prescribed contact lenses whereas Opticians cannot. Only optometrists can prescribed contact lenses to ensure that they are competent enough to deal with possible contact lens complications and side effects.

According to the Association of Malaysian Optometrists, prescribing and dispensing contact lenses required tertiary level training in the basic and applied science such as microbiology, physiology, ocular pathology, ocular anatomy and biochemistry.

The other difference is that Optometrists are bachelor degree holders, whereas Opticians had only passed Diploma or certificate levels.

There are about 900,000 contact lens wearers in Malaysia. So next time before you wanted to prescribed your contact lens, make sure that you are dealing with an optometrists. The only question now is that how would you know the differences. Will it be from his age, his attire, or what? Ah, so confusing.

It will be much easier to wear my pair of glasses then since any of them is eligible to prescribe the glasses.

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sintaicharles said...

Wow, what esoteric terms! Thanks for sharing the information.

I still prefer spectacles over contact lenses. I don't feel safe wearing the latter.

Curiosity led me to your page via Al-Manar blog.

Wan Hashim said...

Sintai, thanks for visiting my blog. I also prefer spectacles, almost maintenance free.

Almanar said...

I never knew this Wan.