03 June, 2011

Pay Phone

I saw this pay phone at KLIA. May be we can carry out a simple survey to study number of people actually using the phone nowadays given that almost everybody has hand phone.

It would be interesting to know the number of people who are still using the pay phone and the reason for them to use it. In my opinion, there would be some reason why the pay phone is still relevant nowadays. Firstly, for tourists, even though they carry their hand phone but the roaming charges can be exorbitant and the only simple solution is to call via pay phone. Those who cannot utilise their roaming services really pray that there is a pay phone nearby to make any phone call.

For those who are under privilege such as children, elders, etc., the pay phone should be handy for them to make any phone call regardless whether the call is an emergency or not. School children will find the pay phone to be very useful to make any phone call to their parents.
Pay Phone

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