06 February, 2012

Contra-Flow Bus Lane System Being Scraped

It was reported that the contra-flow lane system for buses introduced in Brickfields will be removed after a few days of trial period. Traffic flows will revert to one-way from Jalan Sambanthan towards Jalan Sultan Abdul Hamid. The removal of the newly introduced system was due to the feedback from residents, business operators and the Brickfields Business Council.

This is a classical trial and error methods introduced by the relevant authorities to solve matters related to traffic. It certainly won't work because the issues raised after the implementation of the system are as expected.

Now, the trend in developed countries is to convert the one-way system into two-way systems and provide more on-street parking bays in order to achieve the following objectives:

1) Reduce accidents involving pedestrian as vehicles travel slowly on the two-way streets system.
2) The economic activities along the newly converted to two-way streets are increasing because pedestrian can easily patron and visit the business activities located along the street. Compared to previously when the road was a one-way street, commuters could hardly find out what are the available businesses along the street since they are overwhelmed by the traffic congestion and the urgency to travel quickly along the one-way street.
3) The concept of accessibility versus mobility are more defined by introducing the two-way street. Accessibility is a way to provide more access to pedestrian to access businesses located along side the road. Mobility is meant for highways and freeways to transports as many vehicles as possible within a short amount of time.

Hope that the relevant authorities involve in handling traffic will make sure that thorough study are being carried out to ensure the success of such system that are going to be introduced. After the study then the trial period can be conducted to evaluate the real situation and to provide minor adjustment along the way in order to make sure the proposed system will be successful.

Refer to this link for more news about the contra-flow lane system.

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