20 February, 2012

Trips to Pontianak: First Day

Last Thursday, we were heading to Pontianak, Indonesia from Kuching. The distance from Kuching to Pontianak using land transport is more than 300 km and the travel time using express bus is about 7 to 8 hours.

Due to the long journey, there are several experiences that were observed by us. There are a number of accidents along the way.

A trailer skidded and landed on the opposite site of the highway.  Luckily there is no other vehicles involved in the accident. This accident occurs along the Semarahan-Serian Highway.

  Trailers Skided

On the way to Pontianak along the new stretch of the highway, we saw another accident involving trailer. This time the trailer was Jack Knifing while negotiating the sharp bend downhill. Read HERE for the definition of Jack Knifing accident.

  Traffic Accident

An accident just happened a few minutes before we reached this stretch of road and this was the worst accident that we encountered along the way. The accident involved a lorry and a motorcycle. From my observations, one of the victims was unconscious and another one sustained serious injury. Both of the victims seemed to be not wearing safety helmet. The accident caused traffic in both directions to stand still.

Fatal Accident Involving Motorcyclists

Both of the accident victims were moved to the road side to allow other vehicles to be able to pass through the road.

  Accident Victims

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