05 February, 2012

Source of Eerie Sound Over Semarahan

Source of the strange noise over Samarahan in the wee hours of Jan 11 and Jan 12 was found to be coming from an oil palm plant at kampung Endap as reported HERE. The report was based on initial study and investigation carried out by the national Space Agency (ANGKASA) and the meteorological department.

However, referring to the initial witness (Firdaus) from this news report, the sound wasn't come from that factory. However, the witness need to be verified since it came only from that one person only.

The strange noise was heard by most people staying in the Semarahan areas. In case that you wanted to hear the strange eerie sound, visit this link.

I am just wondering why the strange sounds occurred only during the two specified days and only during the wee hours when everybody suppose to sleep. Also, the owner of the oil palm plant did not say a single word regarding the strange phenomenon. I hope to hear the sound again in the future so that I can record the snoring sound for my own collection.


sm deris said...

The source is from oil palm factory? All along I thought that somebody up there is sleeping soundly after a long day of politicking.

Wan Hashim Wan Ibrahim said...

Salman, I am not really sure what do you really meant by somebody up there snoring. It would be interesting to know.