05 February, 2012

Elevated Pedestrian Bridge

Elevated pedestrian bridge at PWTC LRT Station is almost completed. The pedestrian bridge provides access to pedestrian commuting using the LRT without having to endure the tropical Malaysian weather and also the nasty Malaysian traffic condition. The walkway is interconnected with the surrounding important destinations.

Elevated Pedestrian Structure

The walkway provides cover for pedestrians from the environ i.e.  tropical suns and rains. Due to the open nature of the walkway, it also safe for pedestrians to use it during day or night without afraid of being attacked by unscrupulous muggers. At night the walkway is also sufficiently lighted.

Elevated Pedestrian Structure

At certain locations, the access to the walkway is using staircases which is not convenient to elderly or handicapped.
Elevated Pedestrian Structure

I hope that this will be a future elevator for the use of those who are really in need of it. But the elevator is accessible only from this side of the road. What about the other side of the road which is not provided with elevator. May be they will think about it in the future so that everybody will be able to use the facilities.

Pedestrian Elevated Bridge


mast@work said...

bagusnya.. saya dah lama tak ke situ.. dr zaman saya sekolah, sampai saya besar the mall tu rupa macam tu aje le.

bila ada bridge tu bagus la.. lagi2 untuk visitor dari pwtc ke the mall

AWANG said...

Best ya..harap Kuching,Sarawak ada molah kedak tuk :)