27 January, 2008

Enrich Redemption - An Experience

As a member of Enrich frequent flier programme, you will accumulate points every time that you travel using the participating carriers or purchasing items through any participating outlets. The points will expire after some time given that you did not redeem the points.

However, if you want to redeem your Enrich points, you should be prepared for the following facts:

1. Your points will be deducted upon redemption, fair enough. For example for a return flight from Kuching to KLIA, 25,000 points will be deducted.

2. You have to pay cash for Airport Tax. Keep in mind that the amount of airport tax is very expensive. For example, for a return flight from Kuching to KLIA (true as of this posting), you have to pay cash RM229 for airport tax. So you need to have some more cash if you plan to use your Enrich points for your spouse also.

3. After confirming your flight details, you cannot change the time and date of your bookings. Unless you are pretty sure about your itinerary, you can go ahead with your bookings otherwise you have to really give a lot of thought about your bookings. You still can change your flight but you have to pay some amount of money as a penalty. Well, that is the price of trying to utilize things that are so called free flight.

4. You are only allowed to get the ticket at the MAS ticketing office. If you want to get the ticket at the MAS ticketing office at the airport, your request will not be entertained because their ticketing office at the airport is meant only for immediate flight.

Well, those are the experienced that I got recently when I tried to redeem for my so called free flight. Actually, the flights are not free after all. You have to use their carrier frequent enough (that is their motto, frequent flier) in order to get the free flight. They should make it much more friendlier and more accommodating to the need of their customers.


Vinny said...

I've been using MH for a while now. I have some miles I could have used. I got turned down at the KLIA ticket counter for a voucher. Wonder how long the vouchers stay valid till I fly again.

calvaryzone said...

if you still have some points, better go redeem at their e-shop.

i just did with mine.


Wan Hashim said...

Hi Calvaryzone, thank you for the brilliant suggestion. With the appropriate number of enrich points, I have been upgraded to Enrich Silver. Wish to be upgraded to Enrich Gold also.