08 November, 2009

Operating Gas Station in Malaysia

Shell Gas Station

All the while we have been filling in gas into our gas guzzling vehicles in Malaysia without realising the predicament of the gas station owners. Based on this news report REPORT, it seems that all the while, the gas operator only being given sole proprietary license which mean that they cannot transfer the license to their next of kin.

No wonder, I always found out that there were some instances somewhere in Malaysia where the gas stations were remodelled or left idle for certain period of time may be associated with the issue of allocating license to different owner for the station. I might be wrong here.

Based on the report, some 3,200 petrol station operators nationwide can now change their business licences from sole proprietary to private limited, a move to allow the operators' children to take over the business.

Also, the government increased their commission rate from 9.5 sen to 12.19 sen per litre of petrol and 4.5 sen to seven sen for a litre of diesel from June last year.

Now, doing the Gas Station business is not bad at all. But I don't think everybody can venture into this business, otherwise all of the place will filled with Gas station.
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