24 November, 2009

Unnecessary Traffic Jam


I had to drive to Kuching yesterday for a meeting at 9 am and decided to drive just after 8 am to avoid traffic jam along the route. However, I and most of the road users had to endure unnecessary traffic jam as shown above and I kept on wondering what was going on because most of the time the traffic jam wasn't that bad along the route.

After patiently crawling along the route then I realize what causes the severe congestion. Just look at the picture below and everybody's time is wasted due to inconsiderate workers collecting rubbish along the road.


Since the road is a popular road to Kuching, the workers should have carried out their works early in the morning i.e. before rush hour so that everybody's time is not wasted.

That is one of the major reasons for unnecessary traffic jam in Kuching or in other place in Malaysia i.e. due to inconsiderate people hogging the busy road. Their action causes so much lost of opportunity time for other road users.

So as for myself, I had to endure for almost an hour in the traffic jam which usually took only half an hour to reach my destination. Luckily, I managed to arrive at the meeting place on time since I had decided to drive earlier than usual that day.

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