07 November, 2009

Promising Future for Public Transport


According to this REPORT, by the year 2012, the waiting time for LRT (Light Rail Transit) will be reduced from currently every three minutes to every two minutes as a result of additional 6 additional trains added in the future. The additional train is said to have four compartments as opposed to two compartments for the existing train. Hopefully, all of the LRT stations, especially underground stations, have enough doors to cater for the additional compartments.

Hopefully, the additional trains will be able to reduce the passengers queueing time at the LRT stations during peak hours. If the congestion level at the LRT stations is improved, then more users will be attracted to use the service because it is more comfortable and convenient to passengers.

I wish that the improvements will be a little bit sooner i.e to be implemented by the year 2010.
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