08 November, 2009

Working Mum Will be Happy about This News

Working from HomeImage by edgeplot via Flickr

According to this news report, the Government seemed to be ready to adopt the concept of working from home for the Civil Service. 

The concept of working from home will be very beneficial especially for working mum. As of now, most of the talented mum will have to quit their job due to family reasons. If the concept of working from home is implemented, the working mom can still do their job but they are doing it from home.

The concept is also workable because currently, the important aspect of the job is outcome based driven. If the concept of working from home can increase productivity, then the outcome based concept can be adopted.

However, not everyone can work from home because only certain job specifications are suitable to be done from home. For example, in the case of Public Works Department draughtsmen, they can certainly work from home because their performance are based on the completion of their drawings. Regardless of them working from home or at the office, as long as they can deliver their drawings on time, I think they already performed their duties.

Of course they have to come to office from time to time in case there are meetings that they have to attend or they are required to do certain tasks outside of their job scope.

If you have some other example of jobs that are suitable to be implemented from home, I am very happy if you can chip in you comments below.

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Ocean Girl said...

I'm looking at my office, actually with the multimedia technology, everyone can work at home. Except maybe for the reception that has to be at the office to accept delivery. However, it takes a little bit more for it to work. It takes honesty and taqwa.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Good news! Let's get started with the kinds of work that can be home -based. certainly needs discipline and integrity there for it work out tho.

camilynn said...

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