30 November, 2009

Receipt Please!

In an effort to prevent taxi drivers from charging unscrupulous fees to their customers, all taxi drivers are required to produce fare receipts to their passengers starting next year. I wonder why this measure wasn't taken earlier and I keep on wondering how on earth that the relevant authority will enforce this measure. Will they stop every taxi and demanding that the driver provide them with a proof of the receipt. Such a measure will only give inconvenient to the passengers.

Read more about this issue in this report.

Personally, I support the measure but I am quite sceptical about the outcome of such measure. Overall, the taxi drivers have to change their attitude but most of the time they only will change the attitude if there is an effective enforcement being taken against errant drivers.

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Zyzzyz said...

I've never had a problem with getting a taxi driver to give a receipt but you do have to ask.

babYpose said...

It's quite my concerns too, glad you bring it up.