13 April, 2010

Bukit Jalil is Now an Express Bus Terminal

Bukit Jalil is now become express bus terminal for North and South bound passengers. This if following the four-month closure of the Puduraya Bus terminal to facilitate major upgrading and renovation works at the terminal.

However, as usual, most users are unaware of the changes and causing them to unable to find any buses at the Puduraya Terminal. However, there is a dedicated bus services to transport passengers from Puduraya to Bukit Jalil with a very minimal fee.

So, for those of you who are planning to head North or South, don't forget to go to Bukit Jalil Compleks Parking Lot F (of course until further notice of future changes).

1 comment:

AWANG said...

I was here last week to take express bus to Penang.I use LRT & have to walk 500 meter to bus terminal..we can use Rapid KL(bus) from old terminal(Puduraya for Rm2.00) quite a distance journey & traffic congested some more.
Can't imagine during balik kampong session...???
even normal days is congested at Bukit Jalil.