21 April, 2010

Tidal Bore Festival 2010


It is the time of the year again in Sri Aman Sarawak where the Tidal Bore Festival. The picture above shows one of the boats rehearsing their move in preparation for the events. The events will be held from 28 April 2010 until 2nd May 2010.

During the festival, Sri Aman will transform from a sleepy town to a very happening town with a lot of activities being organized by the organizers.

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AWANG said...

I went to SriAman on day trip.Thousand of people,,I would say its kind of pesta jualan cum Benak.Every conner of the town is fully occupied by the small time street vendor.Anyway,its fun & don't talk about kedaikopi..you know what I mean..that kind of drink..sampai mabuk kawan kita dari longhouse or the villagers nearby.