02 April, 2010

My Dearest Car

Today is a Good Friday and it is a public holiday for Sarawak. It has been for a while that my car stays idle because the battery is dead (after almost two years of being used). Today I gave the car a new life by installing a brand new "Die-Hard" maintenance free battery. Of course the price is not cheap but it is worth it because to use the conventional battery, actually I just don't have time to check on the water level. Most of the time the water level will be too low before the battery is being filled in with battery water.

After the car is coming into live again, I brought the car for regular maintenance and while driving the car to the nearest car workshop found out something wrong with the brake based on the hand brake light indicator which did not want to switch off. Upon checking the brake system, it was found that there is some leakage in the brake line. So today, let the workshop replaced brake shoes and brake pads of the rear wheels.

After replacing engine oil and filter, the car seemed to be in good running condition and usually I will wait for another several more months for the next oil and filter change.

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