14 April, 2010

Internet gaming

With the advancement in internet connection, online games can become a craze and also addictive. In South Korea, the increase in number of people addicted to online game is causing quite a stir to the society. And according to this news a couple is accused of letting their baby daughter starve while they raised a "virtual" child on the internet.

Due to that case the South Korean authority is taking a drastic action to curd the online game addiction. One such measure is to introduce a "fatigue system" where all online games provider must ensure that their games is becoming much harder during late hours of the night so that it will encourage players to switch off. Hope the system will be able to control the addiction behaviour of users. However, there are so many online games that are beyond regulation and since the internet is borderless, i don't know how they would implement such a system. Users will most like abandon the game totally and they will likely switch to other online games that they will find more interesting. Thus, I doubt that the online game developers will even attempt to make their games being deserted by their most loyal subscribers.

Well, that is one of the challenges in this era of border less world where even our kids are being glued to the computers because of internet games. It is such a new social phenomenon that need to be addressed seriously by everybody.

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