31 August, 2010

Are you Confused Yet?


Stop if you want to turn left or if you want to go through. Give way if you want to turn right. Or vice versa depending on how confuse you are on the road. Hope the consultant, the contractor and the respective agency will be more sensitive to the placement of the road signages so that majority of drivers who are already confused will not get more confused while on the road. The respective guideline regarding the placement of road signages is already in place in order to ensure the safe usage of the road by all type of road users. It is a matter of following and enforcing the use of the guideline.


asri said...

i think BERHENTI sign is the right sign..

Wan Hashim said...

Asri. Obviously, the Berhenti sign is the right one (the signage must be placed on the left hand side of the road) but both signages cannot be placed together since each signage has its own meaning and consequences.