20 August, 2010

KLIA Aerotrain Service

KLIA Aerotrain

As been reported before, the aerotrain service at KLIA will be closed from Nov 1 this year to March 15 next year to allow for complete maintenance and modification works on the two trains currently operating the service. The two trains have been running non-stop shuttling passengers between the two terminals building at KLIA airport.

A new Depot and a new track under construction.

Recently there is a major construction work being carried out near the aerotrain track. Based on this report, the construction is to build a new depot and a new track for scheduled maintenance works of the trains. Additonal train will be parked at the Depot to be used as a replacement during repairs or maintenance of the other two trains.  I think this is the right move carried out by the MAB (Malaysian Airpirt Berhad) to put in place the scheduled and routine maintenance of the aerotrains in order to provide efficient and reliable service to passengers. Without such a move, the train will eventually break down and causes severe disruptions to passenger movements.

Airport Bus

MAB has ensured that there will be plenty of bus services available to transfer passengers within the construction and maintenance period of the two aerotrains. MAB also has carried out dry run of the bus services in order to provide efficient services to passengers. The headway between the buses are ensured to be within the reasonable time to ensure no congestion (due increase in number of passengers using the buses) during peak period. 


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Wan Hashim, KL airport certainly has changed a lot....I mean, from my first time flying off o/seas at Sungesi Besi airport, then Subang airport...when there was no ramps to plane....and to present KLIA's hi-tech airport.

But regret to say, our first experience at the airport left a bad taste with us.
There we were checking in, nak balek Canada few years back....there were hardly any other passengers, most counters empty....

And the counter we were at....4 male ticket officers and 2 females were teasing, flirting with each other.
Holy Smoke! There we were waiting while they joking, laughing away....
I had to clear my throat loudly to let them know we were waiting there.

And the guy who going thru with our boarding pass etc still talking to the girls.....nasib baik he did not send us to Argentina or Afghanistan by mistake.

If it was here in Toronto...,I certainly will goreng and bungkus him. I would have walked off, asked for the manager to do our checking in....as his, her staff busy flirting.

A country can have the finest airport, whatever, but it is the people employed that can give people a bad taste.....be it here or anywhere else.
You have a pleasant bulan puasa.....keep well, Lee.

Wan Hashim said...

Uncle Lee, sorry to hear about your not so nice experience at the airport before. No wonder now there are several self check in machines available at the airport so that passengers don't have to come face to face again with officers at the ticket counters except when you want to check in in your luggages. For the luggage, now you can ask somebody else to do that for you if you wanted to. Have a very nice day, Uncle Lee.

shanti said...

hi Wan Hashim,
I am disabled and was wondering how they will transport me in wheelchair when I can't climb up the bus? Hopefully the buses have ramps to push up the wheelchair?