19 August, 2010

New Offstreet Parking

4 by 4 Pick-Up Trucks

The current parking shortage at Kuching Government Hospital is a well known phenomenon especially for those who have to visit the hospital frequently and also for those who works at the hospital. If anybody wanted to have a good free parking, one has to go out very early in the morning and find himself or herself a very good free parking spot. Or else, you have to use your trusty 4X4 trucks so that you can park as you wished as shown in the picture above.

If you were to drive your car you will hardly find any empty parking spaces to park your car. With the new off street parking facilities available outside of the hospital, all vehicles that are parked illegally in the hospital parking lot will have the car wheels being clamped by the authority. You will have to pay hefty amount of money to be able to drive your car again. So be careful next time you illegally park your car at the Sarawak Hospital vicinity.


Luckily, there is a new off-street parking lot just the opposite of the hospital entrance. However, there is no sign board indicating the owner of the lot and also there is no information regarding the parking fee that users have to pay. If you are desperate to get a parking space, as that is the case for almost anybody visiting the hospital, you will have to use the new off street parking facility.

The moment you enter the new premise, the attendance of the parking lot will ask you to park your vehicle first and then pay the parking fees to him later. Well the trick seems to work fine for the parking operator. After you have parked your vehicle, the moment you are asking about the parking fee, the parking operator will tell you that the fee is RM5 and he will further convince you that you can reenter the parking lot as many time that you wish for that whole day using the parking coupon. The parking charges is reasonable if you park your vehicle very early in the morning and if you are planning to sleep at the hospital throughout the day. Also, the parking fee is reasonable if you are planning to drive your car around Kuching to find food for lunch and then you return to the parking lot to park your car so that you can continue enjoying your sleep in the hospital for the rest of the day.

However, that is not always the case since most users wanted to park their vehicle only for several hours to catch their appointment with doctors or to pick up some medicines at the pharmacy or to visit some relatives who are admitted in the hospital. It is good to have several short-term parking places where users can park their vehicles for a short period of time and being charged nominally instead of being charged a flat rate. 


The above picture is a parking receipt for using the new off street parking. The rate is RM5 and valid for multiple entries within the same day. However, it is very unclear about the validity period of a day which is not being mentioned in the receipt. There is no indication on the name of company operating the parking system which is likely being subjected to abuse by the operators or somebody else. Regarding the night market as mentioned in the receipt, I don't think it is applicable to the respective off street parking site.

Hopefully, this entry will be of benefit to those who wanted to try out the new off street parking facility every time that they visited the Sarawak Hospital. Unless you want to spend most of your time in the hospital for the whole day, then the RM5 parking rate is quite unreasonable.

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