13 August, 2010

The Tale of a Brand New Mercedes SLS AMG

Mercedes SLS AMG
Illustration of a Mercedes SLS AMG

One reason to buy a Mercedes SLS AMG is because of its awesome speed due to its powerful six-liter-engine under its hood. But be careful guys because speed kills or you might end up paying hefty speeding ticket. I came across this interesting news which was happening in Switzerland where a speeding Swedish driver was slapped with the world‘s biggest fine of 650,000 euros - around £538,000. The driver was estimated to travel at a speed of almost 300 kph (around 180mph) while driving through Switzerland.

The driver was said to have purchased the Mercedes SLS AMG six-liter-engine at a price of £140,000 from Germany and he was on his way home after picking up the car from Germany. Thus, the total price of the new Mercedes is about £678,000 inclusive of traffic fine. According to Swiss Police, they have no record of anyone being caught travelling faster in the country (May be due to their speed detectors are unable to detect speeding vehicles travelling more than 200 kph).  

It was said that a normal speed trap camera cannot detect the speeding vehicle if the speed is faster than 200 kph. All the while the driver escaped from being detected speeding in the country. However, a new generation speed detector camera installed on the A12 highway between Bern and Lausern detected the car to travel at close to 300 kph. According to the police, the driver needed about half-a-kilometer of road to completely stop his vehicle.

Currently, the Mercedes SLS AMG was impounded by police in Switzerland. However, the driver told the police that the speedometer of the car is faulty which requires the police to inspect the car for any fault. In Switzerland, the driver will not go to prison but has to pay hefty fine. He is expected to be fined with the highest possible penalty of 300 days of fines at 3,600 Swiss Francs a day which is about 650,000 euros. The fine was based on the drivers income and the speed he was travelling.  Since the driver can afford to buy the Mercedes SLS AMG, he is very rich and eligible for the highest fine. Read more about the news HERE.

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