05 August, 2010

KLIA Aerotrains Due for Maintenance


KLIA Aerotrain links main and satellite buildings of the airport terminals. According to this news report, the aerotrain will be suspended for three months from November to facilitate maintenance works. The aerotrain units require full servicing and maintenance as they have been operating for 12 years.

During that period, buses would be used to transport passengers between the main terminal and satellite building.

I am just wondering why the maintenance and servicing of the train units were not carried out in stages or periodically in order to avoid all of the aerotrain units to be suspended at the same time. May be there are several reasons behind the decision to suspend all of the units at once for certain period of time. Or may be they already carry out periodic maintenance all this while and now is the time for major servicing and major maintenance. Hope all of the aerotrain will be in perfect working order after the scheduled maintenance.

The proposed maintenance activities will ensure that there will less chance for the train services to be distrupted at any time without proper notice and causing more incovenience to users. As of now, I have not heard any compaints regarding the aerotrain services. The aerotrains have carried out its intended purposes reliably and efficiently. Kudos to all parties involved in choosing the type of trains and for maintaing the trains in good working conditions.

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