25 February, 2012

Road Maintenance

Traveling from Kuching to Pontianak, Indonesia provides us with several uniques experiences. One of the unique experiences are road maintenance activities along the main road.

As can be seen below, the road were repaired using cement materials. The work area is secured from road traffic using easily available materials.

Road Construction

Road Construction

Someone among the construction workers ensured that traffic were slowed down to prevent untoward road accidents. Even signages were erected to ensure road users slow down their vehicles while passing through the stretch of road being maintained.

Kurang Kecepatan

Another road repair being carried out as shown in the following picture. I assumed that they had purposely dug the road for installing utilities crossing the road. Somebody among them will ensure that traffic were slowed down to prevent untoward accidents.

Road Construction

Road maintenance activities were carried out as in the following pictures.

Road Construction

Interestingly, someone will ensure that road users will contribute cash to help funding the cost of repairing the stretch of road. However, the contribution is not compulsory as one can imagine while traveling on toll road. Most drivers were kind enough to contribute some amount of money to ensure that the road are passable and comfortable to travel on.

Donation for Road Construction

However, at the the back of my mind, I am really concerned about the safety of the workers repairing the road as shown above because most of them did not adhere to the proper safety standards while repairing public road.


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Wan, how you doin'? Lama ta'jumpa.
I really love this posting, and the pics.
Holy Smoke! Can't help smiling at how the locals slow down traffic. And using cement.
Great shots, Wan. You are very creative with your camera.

Sabah, Sarawak has always fascinated me. Hope to return there one day soon.
You keep well, have a nice weekend.

Wan Hashim Wan Ibrahim said...

Hi Uncle Lee, thank you very much for dropping by. Ya sudah lama tak jumpa. Terima kasih kerana suka dengan posting ini. Jalan tersebut adalah di kawasan Indonesia.

dzuchan said...

Prof, I wonder who did the road maintenance (authority or in Malaysia highway concession)

they did not have proper traffic mangement which is dangerous to public and workers kan?

Wan Hashim Wan Ibrahim said...

Dzuchan: I do believe that they have proper road authority to handle road maintenance. May be enforcement is not very strict to ensure that only proper road authority can carry out the road maintennace.