23 June, 2008

Consider riding an LRT

Star LRT

LRT is becoming popular as a mode of transport due to the increase in fuel price. Is LRT a choice for you?

The answer depends on your own situation. Off course it is not my choice here since there is no LRT available. However, if I do visit KL, I will certainly give it a ride. However, the experience of using LRT is not always pleasing since during peak hour, it is too crowded and all of the acceptable privacy space had been violated. You have to endure the smell, the crowd, etc. during the entire ride.

To make the matter worst, you cannot get taxi services during peak hours when you arrived at the designated station. I cannot understand the taxi driver business plan. Everytime the road is congested during peak hours, they will run away from the customers. Their reason is always traffic jam. Logically, they have to take every opportunities to get customers when other taxi drivers don't want to do that. I don't see that they will be losing anything to transport passenger during peak hours because their taxi runs using meter. The slower the taxi, the higher the figure being spurted out.

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