02 June, 2008

Senari Port

Senari Port or Kuching Port is located along the Sarawak River. It is the main entry point for import-export terminal in Kuching. It is one of the terminal for the Kuching Port Authority.

According to the Kuching Port Authority,

The profile of Senari Terminal are as follows:

Land Area:60.0 hectares
Annual Capacity:7 million tonnes
Quay Length:635 m
Width:45 m
Depth:11 m
Tidal Range:5.8 m
Physical Restriction Size: 20,000 tons
LOA: 200 m
Draught: 7.62 m
Storage Sheltered Transit sheds: 20,000 sq. m
CFS: 8,000 sq. m
Dangerous Goods shed: 900 sq. m
Open Yard: 45,000 sq. m
Container Yard: 160,000 sq. m
Reefer Points: 192

Entrance to the Senari Port.

Picture of a ship berthing at the port.

Picture of another ship berthing at the port.

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