14 June, 2008

Symbol of Peace

Pigeon is usually associated with peace. In Sri Aman, there is a statue of two pigeons as shown above erected at the exact location where the historic event "Deklarasi Sri Aman" or "Sri Aman Declaration" was held. Sri Aman is a malay word for peace. Originally the town was named Simanggang and the name was changed to Sri Aman after the "Deklarasi Sri Aman".

"Sri Aman Declaration" was signed by the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Datuk Haji Abdul Rahman Ya'kub and Mr Bong Kee Chok (Director and Commissioner of North Kalimantan People Party, PARAKU) on the 21st October 1973 at the Rumah Sri Aman (previously known as Residensi Simanggang).

Now, Sri Aman is still a peaceful place to stay. Currently, the Sri Aman town is developed at a very fast rate with a lot of new developments being built.

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