09 June, 2008

Flood Control

During high tide, flooding usually occurs due to water overflowing into the river tributaries as the results of high tide from the main river. In order to prevent flooding from occurring every time the tide is very high, the water level of the river tributaries need to be controlled using tidal gate. Once the tidal gate is in place and functioning, a lot of things can be constructed from the previously river tributaries. For example, pathway can be constructed on top of the river tributaries.

The picture below shows water level during high tide along Batang Lupar.

The picture below shows the tidal gate releasing water into the main river (Btg Lupar) during low tide. When constructing the tidal gate, ensure that the tidal gate is constructed above the low tide of the main river, otherwise the tidal gate will never ever being able to automatically open to release the water from the river tributaries.

Even during low tide, the tidal gate is being shut to prevent the water from the main river from entering the tributaries.
As the tide getting higher, the tidal gate played its major role preventing water from the main river from entering the tributaries which eventually controls the inner land from being flooded. It is very important to ensure that the tidal gate always functioning by carrying out periodic maintenance.


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