27 February, 2010

Stuck at a Roundabout

Originally uploaded by wanhashim
Happen to pass through this roundabout yesterday morning and there is a passenger car got stranded on top of a roundabout.

Luckily the car is not one of the toyota car that was claimed to have problem with its accelerator.

Previously, there was a fatal accident at the same roundabout.

As can be seen by traces of vehicles' debris on the roundabout, there were several of similar incidents at the roundabout.

One of the reason for the accident is due to speeding especially at the approach of the roundabout.

Next time, need to be extra careful especially when approaching the roundabout since we don't know what other drivers are thinking at the same moment. If they are in hurry or DUI, accident can happen anywhere.


Ocean Girl said...

Looks like the roundabout is in a nice green area.

Wan Hashim said...

Yes, it is a typical characteristics of roundabout in Kuching with a very large diameter and a lot of greens.