18 February, 2010

Traffic Jam After the Chinese New Year Break


The trip from Sri Aman to Kota Semarahan usually takes around two and a half hours drive. However, last Tuesday, the trip was around three and a half hours drive due to severe traffic congestion from Bukit Genting to Serian Roundabout.


The distance between Bukit Genting and Serian Roundabout is less than 10 kilometers but the traffic jam on that stretch alone lasted almost one hour.

You will not believe that the traffic jam is not due to traffic accident. The traffic jam is also not due to any vehicle break down. Also, the traffic jam is not due to too many vehicles on the road on that particular day.

As a law-abiding citizen, we had to endure the traffic jam due to police road block just before the Serian bridge leading to the roundabout. On that particular day, the policemen checked each individual driving license of every drivers. If you still remember how to do math, if the policemen takes about 2 minutes to scrutinize one driving license of one driver, just imagine how much time that was needed for the other drivers waiting in the queue for his turn to be checked his driving license. Keep in mind that the number of vehicles plying the road on that day was just too many since most of the traffic users are returning from their CNY break.

So on that particular day, if you multiply the number of vehicles on the road by about one hour lost time, that is the amount of useless total time spend on the road due to traffic delays. If there are 2000 vehicles using the road at that particular time, the total lost time is about 2000 hours.

That is the reason why I had to travel for almost one hour for that short distance of road during that particular day.


Another view of vehicles queueing due to traffic incident on the road.

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