09 February, 2010

Turn Left When Exit is Clear

This is a signage allowing drivers to turn left only when exit is clear. The purpose of this directive is to ensure the efficient use of the traffic light junction.

The following picture also indicate the directive to turn left when exit is clear.

However, this type of directive is only available in Kuching as compared to other cities in Malaysia. In exception for Johor Bahru, similar directive is available but the background color of the signage is red.

There seems to be no proper effort to make the signage uniform in term of design and application throughout Malaysia.

Drivers should be more careful and attentive when maneuvering through the junction when the exit is clear to ensure that there is no pedestrian using the same approach of the junction. In Western Countries where the usage of the particular signage is nationwide, there are occurrences where fatalities involving pedestrians occur at the junction.

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