13 February, 2010

Traffic Jam During Festive Season

It is the time of the year again when there are a lot of traffic on major highways due to the upcoming Chinese New Year Festive season. Wish all drivers have a safe and pleasant trips.

Due to the unusually high number of traffic during all festive sesoans, some minor accidents do occur which can cause massive traffic jam along the way.

The latest traffic situation along major highway is as reported by this news article. Wish Happy Chinese New Year.


Ocean Girl said...

I got caught in the exodus today. I was just trying to come home. Happy holidays.

AWANG said...

Masa cuti from K/Samarahan to Kuching (peak hours)
Just nice.Tapi bila hari biasa memang terok.
Just look & see macam mana keadaan nanti selepas upgrading jalanraya siap.